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Off-behavior in TB 3.1.7

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Off-behavior in TB 3.1.7 Empty Off-behavior in TB 3.1.7

Message  PaulT Jeu 16 Déc - 1:27

Thunderbird updated to 3.1.7 an the Addressbook Tab plug-in is acting a little off, now. When opened, the main toolbar of Address Book (New Contact, New List, Properties, Write, Delete) do not work anymore. Also new behavior: I also have Thunderbrowse installed and, when I do a search in Addressbook Tab and clear the search, the Addressbook Tab reloads with the Thunderbrowse address bar at the top over the Address Book Toolbar. Not sure why the update changed things. Addressbook Tab is an outstanding plug-in, and I will continue to use it even with the odd behavior, so please keep up the good work.


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